Lessons My Paint Has Taught Me


At the beginning of this year I committed to paint one painting a day for 30 days. I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than I was pretty sure that I could do it. My paintings normally take me anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours to paint so I knew I would have the time to do it, but would I paint paintings worth looking at after 10 or so paintings in a row? In the past, I’ve painted when I felt the urge or the need to paint. What would it be like to paint when I didn’t feel like painting? What would it be like to paint when I wasn’t inspired? So far, and this is only day 21, this is what I have discovered.

1. Necessity is the mother of invention. I’ve discovered new ways to create a painting. I’ve combined old paintings with color copies of paintings and made collages. I’ve even added a little costume jewelry to one canvas painting. It gave it some extra bling.

2. The more I paint, the more I want to paint. This surprised me a little. I once heard an experienced painter say that if he doesn’t paint every day, he doesn’t feel quite right.  When I first heard that I could not comprehend what that would be like. I never thought I would ever feel the same way. I now know what he meant. I look forward to paint each day. It really is the highlight of each day. I may have to continue this after the 30 days because I enjoy it so much.

3. Practice makes perfect. The more I paint, the better painter I’m becoming. Not every painting I’ve painted is great but…. I’ve painted some of my best paintings in the past 21 days. If you wanted to paint a masterpiece, the way to do it would be to paint as many paintings as you could. A masterpiece would more likely be created that way than if you spent the same amount of time on one painting.

4. I’m learning something new every time I paint. Painting on Yupo paper is not a precise science. The paint will do what it wants to do but…. I’m finding that there are certain things the paint will do if I do certain things with it. I’m discovering some of it’s secrets!

5. The more I paint, the more I realize that my painting ability is a gift from God.  He has made it very clear to me that when I rely on His Holy Spirit to inspire and guide me as I paint, the painting almost paints itself. I am humbled by this truth. I want to share this gift and teach others how to paint on this paper as well. The more I have, the more I want to give away.

These are just some of the things I’m learning. I think doing something creative every day, whatever it may be, brings more joy and enjoyment to your life. If you have been thinking about painting, singing, dancing, playing an instrument or writing every day…. just do it! You’ll be glad you did.

Here are some of the paintings I have painted in the last 21 days. You can see more of my paintings at my website and etsy store at www.deborah-nell.artistwebsites.com www.etsy.com/shop/expressivepaintings

"He Is Coming" Acrylic Ink and Gouache on Yupo paper

“He Is Coming” Acrylic Ink and Gouache on Yupo paper

"Forgiven" Acrylic Ink and Watercolor on Yupo paper

“Forgiven” Acrylic Ink and Watercolor on Yupo paper

"The Incarnation" Acrylic Ink and Watercolor on Yupo paper

“The Incarnation” Acrylic Ink and Watercolor on Yupo paper


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